Thread Lift

Thread lift or suture suspension lift is a key innovation in the field of rejuvenation medicine. Who has never looked in their mirror, lifted up the skin on their face and wished it would hold there? This is in short what this simple, quick, and minimally invasive procedure achieves.
Barbed threads are dotted with numerous small unidirectional hooks that engage loose tissue and allows the shortened skin to be lifted into a more tightened position and stay that way.

Four areas of the face are eligible for thread lift treatment:

  • Periorbital area: drooping eyebrows and eyelids.
  • Flat and sunken cheekbones are the best indication. Result is quite similar to that obtained with surgery.
  • Sagging cheeks and jowls to redefine facial contours.
  • Wrinkled and sagging neck.

The procedure is conducted under local anesthesia in 4 steps:

  • Tiny incisions are performed in the temporal scalp, thereby scars will be invisible.
  • Barbed sutures are inserted in the deep dermis along paths defined before procedure to obtain the desired traction and suspension.
  • Fixation of one end of the thread as the anchor point.
  • Fine tuning of contours and volumes to get the final result.

The results are spectacular, and recovery is quick with very little discomfort. A small amount of swelling can be easily controlled with ice wraps, and you will be able to reengage social interaction and return to work in 3 to 4 days after your minimal-downtime, non-surgical suture suspension lift.
Threads may stimulate collagen formation around them for longer-lasting results up to 5 years.
This technique has a full-fledged part in medical-surgical aesthetics. If injections make up for the involution of tissues, barbed sutures correct the sagging muscle, bypassing surgery and its inconveniences. People have long been looking for non-invasive techniques to treat facial laxity and take years off of their appearance. Thread lift is a “one-off” procedure which gives to your facial contours a more youthful appearance in 1 hour, leaving you able to resume your daily activities after three days. The ideal candidate is between thirty and sixty years, has moderate sagging tissue and has realistic expectations.
Easy to perform, addressing virtually all areas of the face, with long-lasting high quality results, thread non-surgical facelift is as revolutionary today as was botulinum toxin fifteen years ago.