The anti-wrinkle strategy

Aside from the intrinsic aging factor (genetic), wrinkles occur on some areas of the face under the combined effect of facial muscle overuse – natural or mimical expressions -, and environmental or extrinsic factors, some controllable, others not, that contribute to age our skin prematurely.
Their shape, depth and length differ from one individual to another and depend on their location on the face.
Therefore, treatment is not unique, and may consist in:

  • a resurfacing treatment (laser, chemical peels or dermabrasion)
  • a filling treatment (collagen or fat transfer)
  • direct surgical action on the muscles causing facial lines: brow lift or endoscopic lift to fix weakened frontalis or procerus muscles, tightening of the orbicularis oculi to correct “crow’s feet”.

These procedures can be combined if necessary. In all cases, the importance of preventive treatment of early effects of aging must be emphasized:

  • protection from the sun: avoid excessive exposure and systematic use of sunscreen,
  • avoid smoking,
  • correction of any deficiency (iron, calcium, magnesium…)
  • Skin restoration by use of vitamin A acid cream and hydrating products.