Androgenetic alopecia affects up to 70% of men, doomed to become bald, to varying degrees for 40% of them.

Women are not spared as 40% of them undergo a diffuse hair loss for the same reasons.
The different drug treatments available for several decades provide results veryhonorable, but only slow hair loss and cause no real significant regrowth.

The  » S.A.F.E.R  » technique ( Suction Assisted Follicular Extraction & Reimplantation) is the latest hair transplant techniques hair. It is practiced as the other twotechniques under local anesthesia and is particularly suitable for initial stages of male pattern baldness and female diffuse alopecia. It may be severalsuccessive sessions.

Using this technique, the time required for intervention is halved compared to other techniques, resulting in a significant comfort to patients.

With this technique, sessions from 600 to 800 grafts (1500 to 2000 hair) can be practiced in two hours and the meetings of more than 1500 grafts (3000 hairs) in 3 hours.

Unlike the technique of FUS, and as for the FUE technique, a full or partialshaving of the scalp is necessary and the patient will be notified during the firstconsultations with practitioners.

The medical device used for this technique, the Punch Hair Matic, received the CE mark and FDA.