Penile lenghtening and widening

The penis size is the major physical concern of the man. It is experienced by some as a reflection of their manhood. Hence a lack of confidence to those whom nature has not endowed with great attributes. A penis considered moderate in size, although normal, may reflect very negatively not only in sexual life, but also in all aspects of life.

More and more men take advantage of surgical advancements to have the penis enlargement procedures that are now proved effective and safe.

What surgery has to offer

Male intimate cosmetic surgery consists mainly of penile widening and penile lengthening.

  • Penile widening involves a lipostructure (fat transfer purified by the Coleman method) performed under local anesthesia on an outpatient basis. It leaves scars at most inconspicuous at the site where the small cannula was inserted.
  • Penile lenghtening is made possible due to the fact that the penis is attached to the pubic bone inside the body. Releasing the suspensory ligament through an incision concealed in pubic hair, will lead to advancing of the internal part of the penis outside the body. Less frequent than penile thickening, this procedure is intended rather to athletes who suffer from small penis syndrome (SPS), also known as “locker room syndrome”.


Lipostructure is a proven technique. Girth-enhancement obtained is convincing both in flaccid and erect states, with an increase of penis circumference of at least 35%. A single intervention suffices and the results are final. As for penile lengthening, gain depends very much on each case but is of 3-6 cm on average. Gain is lesser in erection than in a flaccid state. Sexual performance is not affected by these surgeries. Erections and fertility remain unchanged. Only the penis is oversized, which endows the patient with renewed self-confidence