Some skin types can tolerate a certain technique of hair removal.
The Elysium Clinic advises you on the choice of laser.

It was almost by accident that we discovered the properties of the laser on the hair. Indeed, it was found that they grow back in places that had been treated with lasers for depigmenting tattoos and treat skin diseases. It was found thatthe energy emitted by the laser did not address only to pigments in tattoo inks, but also destroys the hair follicle.
Each hair follows a growth cycle of its own, divided into three phases.
The anagen phase, growth phase, lasts several years. The catagen phase is a short phase of regression. Resting phase, the telogen phase lasts an average of several months. On the same area of ​​skin three phases coexist.
The wavelength of the laser is selectively absorbed by melanin, the pigmentthat colors hair and hair. The action of these lasers is through a selective photothermolysis (absorption by melanin of the hair), that is to say a thermal destruction – more than 60 degrees – the hair follicle without damaging the surrounding skin. Only hairs in the anagen phase are pigmented, so they mustbe destroyed at this point. Maximum destruction of hair requires severalsessions (three to six) at intervals depending on the percentage of hairs in the anagen phase in the area.
For example, the chin takes about five sessions of two to four weeks apart, legsthree or four sessions of one to three months apart.

No skin preparation. No anesthesia.

Different lasers for hair removal:
YAG LASER (new generation of laser)
The session

It is performed without anesthesia and requires no hospitalization. The durationvaries depending on the importance of the treatment area (one session can be from 1 to 14 zones and last from 15 minutes to 4 hours depending on thesurface). The session is always preceded by a waxing performed between 3 and 7 days, depending on the treatment area or shaving (on site or at one timeabove). This hair or shave it, is used to avoid loss of energy absorbed by the hair. The handling of this laser is exclusively under the control of a specialist.
The idea is to expose the surface to remove hair in the light of the laser with aspecific wavelength will destroy only the hair follicles without damaging thenany other structure of the skin. We must move the laser across the surface of tweezers according to the surface. The patient and the operator wear protective eyewear during the time of manipulation. The feeling for the patient is at bestunpleasant.

The material terms

The ideal is a light-skinned, slightly pigmented hair and relatively dark. The treatment will never be on tanned skin, the treatment area must be absolutelyprotected from the sun about a month before the meeting.