A considerably smaller number of hair removal sessions.
Laser treatment is painless.
No risk of scarring or folliculitis.
Side effects (transient reddening) are very rare.
Very good lasting results after laser hair removal.
After one treatment 30% of hair follicles will be destroyed. A sharp decrease inthe regrowth is generally observed after three sessions. After laser treatment, there was a reduction in hair growth of about 90%.
No other method has yielded so far these results carry a real comfort treatment and a lack of side effects.Rates
The consultation is free of hair removal
Following this consultation, a treatment protocol will be established: the number and spacing of sessions, choice of laser for determining further treatment.
An estimate will be established during the consultation.
The treated areas are:
Ears, space between the eyebrows, nostrils, nose.
Upper lip, chin, cheeks, legs, breasts, breasts midline, hands, fingers, eyebrows, toes, feet.
Midline abdomen, underarm, front.
Oval of the face, neck, bikini line, neck.
Buttocks, shoulder blades, shoulders, arms, forearms, abdomen, lower back,torso.
Half leg, thighs, back full.