Intimate surgery

For women as for men, intimate surgery is an essential yet ignored field of cosmetic surgery. It allows patients to live their sexuality without the anxiety of being scrutinized by their partner, without fear that offensive remarks may affect their sexuality, and worse, their life. Before all, undergo genital surgery is a matter of confidence and freedom. As for surgery of pleasure, it speaks for itself.

Intimate surgery is all but frivolous. Patients demands don’t have their origin in a whim of the moment, but rather in painful experiences going back to adolescence. Sexual “disgrace” is often felt as inevitable while the possibilities of surgery are ignored. A good patient information is thus critical.

Gain confidence, set yourself free

Genital surgery is mainly performed by plastic surgeons. Although it falls within their areas of expertise, urologists and gynecologists are reluctant to indicate purely aesthetic procedures, all the more so techniques such as lipostructure fall within plastic surgery.