Short scar facelift

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  • lso called minilift, the short scar facelift aims at slightly elevate the outer part of the eyebrow and reduce wrinkles in the lateral eyelid skin that are colloquially termed “crow's feet”.
  • When the procedure is performed, it commonly applies to young women looking for a gentle maintenance operation to remove the early signs of aging.
  • The surgery is usually performed under local anesthesia, sometimes combined with a complementary sedative.
  • The duration time is less than an hour.
  • The incision is discreetly located above the ears and completely hidden in hair. Skin is then pulled back and positioned.
  • A hardly noticeable dressing protects the wound during twenty-four hours.
  • The recovery is fast with less bruising. Because there is less elevation of the skin there is less risk of bleeding under the skin which delays healing.
  • Dissolving or regular sutures are used. Staples are not necessary.
  • You should be allowed to wash your hair in two days.
  • Sometimes, scars may be slightly exposed.
  • Done alone, its interest is limited. On the other hand, a short scar lift is often useful in combination with an eyelid surgery to increase the rejuvenation effect in the upper-face area. Endoscopic techniques in the forehead area or combined peels may be used to improve the efficacy and range of the procedure.