Obesity Surgery

The surgery is a sure and very effective solution on the long term to fight against obesity and the morbid hunger. Several types of interventions are possible, more or less important, reversible or not, according to the gravity of the obesity of the patients, their food mode and their motivations.


The techniques


Installation of a gastric ring :

  • The installation of a gastric ring constitutes an adjustable intervention because this one will be inflated in several times by the surgeon one month after his installation. The gastric ring is of nothing mutilating, it acts just of an element “posed” which has a restrictive mechanical role. It is thus a reversible method, one can deflate it in the event of pregnancy for example.
  • The social security deals with this operation for the indices of body mass (IMC) higher than 40 kg/m ².

The By-pass technique : 
It is about a final and exceptionally reversible intervention.
The results on the loss of weight are spectacular : up to 80% of loss of excess of weight over one year.
This intervention is proposed from the start in first intention with the obese grignoteurs, obese of which the IMC are raised, and with the failures of the gastroplasties by ring.

Other techniques exist. We obviously invite you to consult a specialist who will advise you and will direct you in function from diagnostic suitable. All the esthetic surgery after loss of excess of weight will be practice at Elysium Clinic.