Inguinal Hernia Repair in Ambulatory Laparoscopic

Inguinal Hernia

New at Clinic Elysee Montaigne: inguinal hernia repair in ambulatory laparoscopic!


The best evidence of laparoscopic inguinal hernia is unilateral or bilateral, in a man, after 50 years, not wanting to suffer andresume operations quickly.


This technique is intended for patients in good general condition, along whose home is near. This procedure requires amanagement team with good coordination among caregivers, anesthesiologist and surgeon. The patient is prepared for the intervention of the consultation. He must take a shower with Betadine Scrub (surgical soap) the day before and the morning of surgery. The order of analgesics after surgery is given to the patient during the preoperative consultation to the treatment to be bought in pharmacies before the procedure.



The day before the operation the patient is eating normally. It is advisable to have a light meal in the evening. Hospitalization takes place at 7 am. The patient should be strictly sober. On his arrival in the outpatient department, the nurse checks the file and puts the patient stockings for prevention of the possible occurrence of phlebitis.



On his return the block, a light meal is served to the patient. One of the keys to the success of this support, apart from the surgery itself, is the early réhabilitation. The patient is asked to stand, to mobilize and to eat as soon as possible.


The patient is allowed to leave after a visit to the anesthesiologist and the surgeon BETWEEN 16 and 18 PM. The surgeon makes sure that the patient could eat and could go to the bathroom without difficulty.