The operating structure

The operating structure is completely independent of the rest of the clinic where the surgery is performed, the actions of anesthesia required for the proper conduct of the intervention and the consequences of it taking place in general outside the operating room.
Its mission is to provide an effective framework for all interventions, elective or emergency, for patients with conditions or urgent surgical set.

This space should be sealed to the rest of the clinic by a series of separations with the field. It allows comprehensive care and individualized patient by an interdisciplinary team. This team brings together most often on one side, a team composed of anesthetic anesthetists and nurses, anesthesiologists and other surgical team composed of surgeons and nurses in the operating room. Others can work in the operating room: radiologists, gastroenterologists, pulmonologists, nurse’s aide, stretcher … The acts and operations are performed under anesthesia.

However, its location within the hospital should consider the relations of the operating room with the emergency department, the Department of Anesthesiology, intensive care, laboratory and imaging, blood bank, sterilization, pharmacy and surgical services.

The ecosystem of the operating room should be kept to a minimum level of contamination. For this technical measures (pressure operating rooms, filtration absolute respect for the circuit clean and dirty channels) and cleaning are introduced.
Cleaning the operating room is multi-day, between patients, and all operating rooms used are completely sanitized after each end of the program operating with hygiene protocols CLIN (Committee against nosocomial infections) not to mention various other parts of the operating room: office, offices, locker rooms, etc..

Microbiological controls (water bacteriologically controlled, air-bioburden, microbial quality of surfaces) are made by a BioHygien on a regular basis to ensure all the properties necessary for the proper conduct of operations conducted there and your safety.