The surgery rates


Our rates of cosmetic surgery include:

– the fees of the plastic surgeon and the anesthesiologist,

– the costs of operating room and help,

– the room, if your surgery requires.

For more detailed information, please use the contact form ensuring that the word « rates » is selected in the subject of the request.

It is essential and obligatory to consult one of our surgeons prior to any business operation. He alone can indeed make a detailed estimate based on your profile and your wishes.

The prices are given for purely indicative and are in no way contractual.

For more information on the estimate of the practitioner and issues any reimbursements by social security, refer to « Additional information: Quote, Social Security … » below.

Further information: Quote, Social Security …

Rates are established for each particular case because different gestures can be made. The overall rate is offered depending on the estimate is:

to support or not of the deed by Social Security and your mutual

Any type of prosthesis,

the number of nights required,

types of procedures performed and their combination, for example:

Breast augmentation + / – anatomical prosthesis + / – asymmetry treatment + / – treatment of ptosis associated etc.

Facelift + / – eyes + / – lipofilling + / – liposuction + / – implants, injections etc..

Rhinoplasty + / – bone gesture + / – move on art, + / – grafts, + / – correction of deviation of partition and so on.



During your consultation, your doctor will give you a detailed estimate confidence sets and one final (6 months) costs of your intervention. It includes:

The overall rate

Clinical costs (number of nights of hospitalization and surgical costs): these costs are fully taken supported by Social Security and your supplementary insurance for certain acts of Plastic Surgery,
Cost of the implanted material (such as breast implants), which can be supported by
Social Security for certain acts,

Fees of the surgeon and the anesthesiologist, which can be fully reimbursed by your insurance
complementary acts of plastic surgery covered by Social Security
With operating costs,

Postoperative follow-up.

The compulsory

On the recommendations of the board of the medical and tax administration, the practitioner must indicate on its liberal estimate:

Belonging to the practitioner Management Association Approved (marked « a member of AGA, payment by check is accepted »)

Situation of the practitioner in light of the Convention (under agreement, free fees, sector II).

When an act of plastic surgery is considered an act of cosmetic surgery, it is not taken into
supported by Social Security. All costs are your responsibility.

When an act of plastic surgery is considered an act of surgery, it is partially
supported by Social Security. Remain at your charge the additional fees of the surgeon and
the anesthetist may, depending on your contract, be reimbursed by your insurance additional.

Supported by the Social Security

Depending on circumstances, the intervention can be supported by Social Security under certain conditions (RC, ie repayable) or not, with or without prior agreement (PA).

In the cases provided, your plastic surgeon will prepare an application for permission to contact your local medical officer of health insurance.

It can summon you to examine you and then decide if your submission can be supported by Social Security as part of reconstructive surgery. In the absence of a negative response of the medical officer of your center within 10 days, prior approval is deemed granted.