Hospitalized patient’s charter

1. The quality of care and patient services is the priority of the actions of the medical and
the institution.

2. The health facility ensures the quality of implementation of the care, treatment and hospitality. All
actors care is attentive to pain relief. It provides psychological support to patients,
hospitalized children and their families.

3. Information given to the patient must be accessible and reliable especially on the choice of treatment

4. The consent of the person examined or treated must be sought in all cases.

5. Specific consent is intended particularly for patients participating in biomedical research,
for organ donation and use of elements and products of the human body and for screening procedures.

6. The hospitalized patient is treated with respect. Beliefs are respected. Privacy must be preserved
and tranquility.

7. Respect for privacy is assured at all inpatient and confidentiality
personal, medical and social concern.

8. Every physician should, at the request of the patient or with his consent, transmit to the physicians involved
to its management or those he intends to consult the information or documents relevant to the continuity of care.

9. All means will be made to the medical correspondent who has directed the patient to
the institution has access to medical records with the approval of it. It is kept informed of the health of
the patient by the practitioner concerned to the institution.

10. An approach for assessing the quality of care and services exists within the institution to
the patient to express his views on the care, hospitality and services.

This charter refers to the main legislative and regulatory texts (laws, decrees, circulars, etc..) Rights of patients.
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