Marcel Frydman, Chairman of the Elysium Clinic



Born October 15, 1931 in Paris of a family of Polish immigrants, Marcel Frydman is primarily a self-taught entrepreneur. He founded his first company with his cousin at age 23 in 1954. They make time for children’s clothing. In the 70s, he joined the company of his brother where he runs 35 clothing stores and shoes. In the 80s he became a consultant specializing in liquidations.

He discovered the perfume sector by chance 53 years. It’s a little to please his wife in 1984 he bought a perfume shop in Montreuil from 35 m2 in what was then called the suburban red. Himself, former communist militant, is not at all disturbed by the place because he dreams of democratizing the perfume. He lowered the price and it works. It works so well that in 1993 he was head of 13 perfume shops in Paris. In 1996 he took over the group Marionaud with 48 shops. The purchases are linked. With Kleber, Your beauty, Silver Moon, Patchouli, Marie Bernard and Annabelle, redeemed from 1998 to 2000, Marcel Marionaud Fryman made a colossus with 640 stores in 1200 a foreign country.

And in 2005, the Chinese group AS Watson, a subsidiary of Hutchinson Whampoa, headed by billionaire Li Ka-Shing, launches a takeover bid against the group Marionnaud, listed. AS Watson managed to seize the group.

Marcel Frydman does not stop there because other passions animate. In the 2000s, he turned to cosmetic surgery. In 2006 he bought the clinic cosmetic Elysee Montaigne. In 2008, Marcel Frydman acquires Clinique Esthétique Paris Spontini.

June 24, Marcel Frydman opened with Patrick Gihan, Christophe Lizot and a scientific committee, a Dental Center, called Dental Excellence, several hundred m2, located on rue Spontini in the 16th arrondissement.