DHI No. Touch Technique ® – A New Era of the Capillary Restoration


The Technique ® DHI No. Touch opens the new era of the capillary restoration. Having a practice for almost forty years, DHI perfected the science and the art to replace hair using a fast, simple procedure, and almost painless. This method moves hairy follicles of any parts of the body and re-implants them with a total precision to restore your frontal line and your density to obtain a natural result, without stitches nor scars.

DHI procedures were developed by practitioners leaders in the medical world who have an experience of almost 40 years in the world of the capillary restoration. Thanks to special trainings, the surgeons use of an expert hand this patented Technique DHI No. Touch ® and the instrument of setting-up, and treated approximately 50,000 patients.

The technique DHI ™ DIRECT (Direct Hair Implantation) is the quite last revolution among techniques of capillary restoration.

Simple and effective technique, you benefit from a natural result without scars.

The main objective of this new state-of-the-art technique is to increase the survival and the growth of the capillary follicles, by decreasing their manipulation and the time in the course of which they stay except the skin.

With the technique DHI follicles are taken one by one in the zone donor and re-implanted DIRECTLY without pre-holes nor make an incision.


La Technique® D.H.I. step by step